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Situated at the heart of a captivating green oasis, with a number of artificial lakes in its center, the Ebla Hotel and Omayad Palace for Conferences complex stands tall, located 18 kilometers from downtown Damascus city, 12 kilometers from Damascus International Airport, and near the Fairgrounds.

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What We Offer For You

We know that our guests are the lifeblood of our business. we’re not thinking about how to cut corners or reduce costs. We’re so committed to excellence that we want to offer a higher level of service to your customers.

Airport transfer
Airport transfer
24H Electricity
24H Electricity
Free wi-fi
Free wi-fi

Transportation service: Inside the hotel there is an office belonging to a private company that provides all transportation services, and an airport taxi service is available within this office.
24 hour electricity: Electricity is available permanently and continuously to meet the services of hotel guests and hotel guests
Internet service: The hotel is equipped with a high-speed internet, which is available free of charge
Laundry service

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A hotel in which the complete alphabet of life and luxury and the basics of accommodation is engraved down to the last letter of perfection, where the visitor will find the finest and most luxurious accommodation with all its services.

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Ebla Hotel & Omayad Palace for Comferences has always been a destination for the most important events and occasions that require professionalism, and we have prepared places and halls that suit your aspirations and ambitions.


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