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Activating the role of youth in development work

Mr. President Bashar al-Assad participated in the dialogues held within the activities of the first conference of the Fund for Social Mutualism and Development, entitled “Activating the Role of Youth in Development Work”.

His Excellency spoke to the diverse audience, including young people, university students, graduates, industrialists, economists, producers, and with them people who benefited from the work of the Fund and achieved success and financial independence, and he talked to them about the recommendations that resulted from this conference in terms of developing the work of the Fund and the next stage that it is preparing to move to after one year of its launch, and also Ways to reach more beneficiaries from different regions and over the entire country, and how to frame the Fund’s relationship with other banks in the future and benefit from Law No. 8 on microfinance banks.

Mr. the President considered that the Social Mutual Fund and Development is an idea that is still being tested and is capable of development and growth, especially when this experience allows us to form a clearer vision to define precisely what we want from this fund and what its goal is, pointing out that ideas are always present, but organization and prioritization is What makes it more realistic, stressing his sovereignty that small and medium enterprises constitute the basic base of the economy.

An extensive dialogue took place between His Excellency and the attendees, during which he listened to the problems and challenges facing the Syrian youth in general, which impede their production and their ability to work and complete their educational attainment, and in many cases push them to migrate abroad. .

His Excellency emphasized that the main reason for his attendance today in this conference is based on the importance of dialogue and its effectiveness in finding solutions to problems and obstacles, especially since dialogue is the only thing that makes intellectual work easy and feasible.

It is noteworthy that the Fund for Social Mutualism and Development was established in August 2021 and aims primarily to enhance the capabilities of individuals, especially young people, to launch their projects and provide the appropriate environment for their practical ideas on the ground.



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