Ebla Hotel

The Church is a House of Love

From the meeting of Mr. President Bashar al-Assad with representatives of humanitarian, social and development associations and institutions participating in the International Ecclesiastical Conference that was held recently in Syria.
Mr. President Bashar al-Assad considered, in his dialogue with the participants, that the ideological aspect is a very important aspect, but the daily living aspect is equally important, and therefore this ecclesiastical and societal initiative carried out by the conference gave several messages, most notably that the role of religious and social structures in Syria from associations and institutions was not limited to Only on the religious side, but rather it performed a social duty and a developmental role because it provided aid and contributions without discrimination, indicating that the Christian citizen in Syria is not a guest, nor a passing citizen, but rather a partner, and the title of this partnership is work and production.
Mr. President al-Assad also considered that the essence of development work is to maintain social balance, stressing the importance of the opportunity for dialogue and collective thinking provided by this conference, and to put in place mechanisms to follow up on all the ideas and proposals that were discussed on the ground, in a way that will be positively reflected on the widest scale in Syria.
His Excellency stressed that the displacement of Christians is a primary goal of the external plans for the region, but it is mainly an Israeli goal, because when the countries of the region are divided into different sectarian states, each one has a colour, Israel becomes part of the natural fabric, so preserving the region’s fabric and its diverse identity is a necessity that we must defend.
The activities of the International Ecclesiastical Conference, which was held at the Ebla Hotel and the Omayed Palace for Conference for three days, were concluded under the slogan: “The Church is a House of Love” with Arab and international participation.



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